A Special Treat For Me


ferrara strawberry chocolate shell.jpgToday I had an appointment in Chinatown which is right next door to the famous “Little Italy” in downtown Manhattan. So I decided to explore a bit.

ferrara storefront.JPG

I love Little Italy. It makes me reminisce anout Europe and “The Old Country.” The food, the shops are all so Italian. And the food is delicious. As I was walking by, the aroma of the bakery made me stop. It smelled amazing! Like a bakery should. Scent of vanilla was traveling onto the street, drawing me in. I had to stop. I had to see what beautiful creations they baked.


Look at those desserts! They are so pretty and fresh and I wish you could smell them because they smell amazing!

Once I stepped in, it was like a spell! There were beautifully decoated cakes, cookies and pastries. Chocolate, fruit, cream fillings, nuts oh my, what to choose? Hmm, well I love fruit, especially berries. And there it was…a beautiful dessert made with all of my favorite ingredients. A chocolate shell, strawberry  creme filling, and a chocolate covered strawberry!! Heaven!!

Now they make it in two sizes, large and small. But to keep in mind my girlish figure I purchased the small. Still delicious and still so gratifying.

So, even if I didn’t make this heavenly dessert, I still wanted to share it with you. Next time you are in New York City, stop by Little Italy and go to Ferrara Bakery on Mulberry Street. You will feel like you are in Italy! Enjoy


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  1. I used to work right around the corner on Canal St. I love that whole area to get in a little lunchtime stroll.

    1. Yvette says:

      Yes Jennifer, that is a fun area, although I wish Little Italy was larger.

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