Happy, Safe & Healthy 4th of July!!!!

fresh fruit july 4th photoshop

Hello everyone, and Happy July 4th! Today is a celebration of our Independence here in the United States from England, celebrated in 1776.  But to get that independence we should honor and not forget the people that fought for this liberty and who even lost their lives. They were very courageous people. Today, we still have thousands of soldiers fighting for us so we can feel safe and retain our freedom. So thank you to all who have and still serve.

Today is a day when we all cannot wait to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, celebrate with a nice adult beverage, gather together with family and friends and enjoy great food, mainly barbecued! We also love our desserts, usually someone will make a festive cake or some yummy cupcakes. But I wanted to share with you a very festive and healthy dessert that you can prepare very easily for your day.

There are no special fruits you need, just in keeping with the holiday theme of red, white & blue I used fruits with those colors. Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. To make it more interesting and fun I used a star shaped cookie cutter for a few pieces of the watermelon and the rest I used a melon baller. Place it in a large bowl and place that bowl over some ice to keep it fresh and cold. Now how easy is that? Enjoy!


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