Fruity Yogurt Popsicles, Yum!!!

Popsicle done

Who does not love a creamy Popsicle on a hot summers’ day? It is creamy, refreshing and healthy too. Shhh, we don’t have to tell anyone they are healthy. Heck, you can eat this as a meal on the go!

These Popsicle’s have no added sugar, no food coloring, no syrup-just all organic  yogurt and all organic fruit.-that’s it! Plus, they are less expensive than any store bought Popsicle’s.

I purchased  low fat organic yogurt and sweetened it up a bit with a ripe banana. (You can use the whole milk yogurt if you prefer.) Yes, ripe bananas have their own natural sweetness and are packed with potassium that every athlete needs for their muscles, well, actually we all do. (You know when you get that “Charlie Horse” it’s your body saying you are low in potassium).

As far as the fruit added in this recipe, you can add whatever you like. I used 1 banana mixed in with the yogurt and then added some finely chopped cherries, pineapples and kiwi. Change it up each time. Use what is in season or if you make these in the winter add in some frozen fruit. It’s all good. And what a great way to get your children to eat more fruit and fiber, because all kids love Popsicle’s! Get them to help you make them, even more fun! The worse part will be the wait for them to freeze.

Popsicle ingredients

So I recommend making them at night or on a weekend morning. They will be ready in about 4 hours. Also a great way to get your teething toddlers to get some calcium, vitamin D, fiber and vitamin C. If you have little ones you know that those teeth coming in create a problem for them to eat. but these Popsicle’s will actually help sooth their gums and give them their nutrition. I would just blend the yogurt with the fruit to create a smoothie Popsicle instead of the small chunks of fruit.

So be creative. Add in your favorite fruit and take the heat off this summer with these creamy Popsicle’s! Enjoy!

Okay, so there really is no magical recipe for these. The base is 3 cups of yogurt to 1 large ripe banana. Place in a blender until smooth.

Finely chop up some fruit and layer into a Popsicle mold or some small Dixie cups alternating with the yogurt mix. Cover with some aluminum foil that is pierced with a stick in the center. This will help keep the stick in place.

Popsicles cups and sticks

Popsicles in pan

Place the cups on a rimmed sheet and place flat in the freezer. Wait at least 4 hours; best overnight. To remove from the mold, place some warm water in the rimmed pan for about 30 seconds and remove the mold. Enjoy!. No need to spend $14.00 on a mold.


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