Happy & Healthy New Year !!!!



It’s the first day of 2016, a time for a new beginning for many, a time of new hope and new resolutions.

Most people vow to make a new resolution and stick to it;  usually to lose weight, work out more often (or just start) and then by the third week, it’s all out the window. Why? Because we humans do not like change. We have good intentions, but too often set the expectations so high that we give up too early. So what do you do? Set realistic resolutions (if any).  Don’t add more unnecessary stress into your life because that is not good for your heart., or for the people around you.

Since this is a food blog, I’ll make some comments about food resolutions. ENJOY whatever you love….BUT in MODERATION!! If you do this, you’ll be much happier and most likely drop those few or many extra pounds you are always cursing. Why? Well, it’s like anything else in life, if you can have it you will not crave it so much.

Next time you want something decadent or something that is not the best for you, just get 1/4 or 1/2 of what you would normally order. You can even share with a friend. When at home, use smaller plates like a salad plate instead of a dinner plate and you won’t feel like you are eating less. Perception is reality. After you cook or prepare your meal, place it on the smaller plate and walk away with it. Pour yourself a tall glass of water, sit down and actually enjoy every bite of what you just prepared. Yes, you can have a glass of your favorite adult beverage. If you are eating with others, please put that cell phone away, uggh, how annoying is that? Have a nice conversation and really enjoy your food!

So for 2016, I say make a resolution to treat yourself better and be healthier, but as always, ENJOY!




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