Spicy Turkey & Bean Chili

Spicy Turkey & Bean Chili photoshop

Feeling a bit nippy out there? Need a delicious, tasty and filling meal to warm you up? I have just the right food for you! Try this hearty and quick to make turkey & bean soup. It is packed with protein, B vitamins, lycopene and all round deliciousness with a nice kick to it. This is also a great meal to prepare when you have your friends over to watch a game. Just keep it on the stove with some grated cheddar cheese and tortilla chips nearby. You’ll be the hit of the party! And another great plus about my recipe is that you’ll be out of the kitchen, from start to finish in under an hour!

I used two different types of beans; red kidney beans and cannellini beans, but not just one for that added flavor, color and health benefit.Cannelloni beans are a popular bean in Italy. They are packed with wonderful antioxidants that not only help fight certain cancers but are also great for your complexion and skin elasticity! Yes, they can help fight wrinkles. So, yes please, bring on those gorgeous white beans and as always, enjoy!

For this and other recipes, please go to my website   http://www.yvettesgourmetkitchen.com


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