Rosemary Garlic Ribeye Steak

Rosemary Garlic Ribeye Steak photoshop

Steak! Who doesn’t love a nice, melt-in-your-mouth good piece of steak? Just the smell of steak being cooked, either on the grill or on the stove, makes me take in a nice long breath of enjoyment.

We hear so often that steak is not good for us, but actually, just like anything else in moderation, steak provides our bodies with many nutrients. When you purchase your rib eye, make sure that it is grass fed organic rib eye. Why? Well grass fed, organic is a fresh food free from unnatural and dangerous hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides. Anytime you omit dangerous chemicals into your body, well, that is a great thing. Besides cows eat grass, not grains.

Steak is packed with protein, iron and your B vitamins that are essential for healthy muscle growth and maintenance and your nervous system. It also supports cellular energy production in the body. Serve this with a healthy salad and you have one delicious and healthy meal!

For this and other delicious recipes, please go to my website and as always, Enjoy!


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