Shrimp Crostino with Avocado Spread

Shrimp Crostino with Avocado Spread

Are you craving a satisfying treat that is  light in calories but full of summer flavor? I know I was. I also did not want to hang out over a hot stove for a long time. Too many things to do and to many places to go to! This lovely and colorful meal is ready from start to finish in under 20 minutes, yes that’s right under 20 minutes! And who doesn’t have 20 minutes? Even take out takes longer.

All you need for this is, is some good crusty bread such as the one I purchased, organic sourdough boule from Whole Foods Market. If you cannot find this, a good Italian bread will do. I just cut 2, 1/2 inch slices and cut them in half. Basted them with some good olive oil and placed them on a hot grill pan for about 5 minutes per side. While the bread was getting it’s golden tan I took a whole avocado and mashed it with 2 cloves of garlic that I grated into the avocado. I added some salt and pepper and about 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and mixed it together. I then sliced some fresh organic heirloom tomatoes, chopped some chives, and then grilled some shrimp. For the this recipe I used 8 shrimp. I cooked the shrimp on the same pan as for the bread, I just lightly brushed the shrimp with olive oil and seasoned them with salt and pepper. Cooked them for about 2 minutes per side.

To assemble, just spread the avocado spread on each slice of bread. Add some fresh baby arugula, the tomato slices, shrimp and some fresh chives. Voila! You have the perfect summer meal or appetizer, your choice. Now go enjoy the warm weather!


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