Jicama 2 

In the United States, this weekend is Memorial Weekend, a time to remember and salute our troops for their dedication to this country for our freedom. So many lost lives that we need to pay honor and dedication to, that have given us our freedom.

But many people also celebrate this weekend for the beginning of summer; barbecues, great food, the beach, pool parties and relaxation. Nothing wrong with that.

Depending on where you live, your weather will delegate how and what you do. Here in NYC, the weather is predicted to be warm and sunny, so we shall see. If that is the case, I will go to Union Square to the Farmers market and purchase some fresh and organic vegetables and fruits and make some delicious meal. The rest of the time I will spend with friends and family.

I love a farmers market. I believe in supporting your local farmer and organically grown food. I do not mind paying a little bit more, not always, but I know the food is healthy and delicious.

So I am an explorer of food. I love to try different foods and see how I can incorporate them into my recipes,

Jicama (HEE-kah-ma) is an edible root that resembles a turnip. It has thin light, brown skin and crisp, juicy, white flesh that’s mild in flavor (think of a cross between a water chestnut and a pear). What’s wonderful about this root is that it will not turn brown once cut, so your presentation will stay pretty throughout your party!

Jicama is native to Mexico, where it’s sometimes referred to as yam bean, Mexican turnip, or Mexican potato.  In Central America, jicama is often sold by street vendors, eaten raw, and seasoned with lemon or lime juice and chili powder.

Since I wanted  to create  a patriotic dish, red, white and blue, without using added color, just natural colors from the foods I came up with a delicious and eye pleasing dessert. Strawberries, jicama, blueberries and mint on a stick; how fun is that?

Not only can I make a nice presentation, but I can also serve a healthy, low fat, high in antioxidants dessert! Something to counter balance those steaks, cheeseburgers, ribs and hot dogs on the grill. Oh well, what can I say, sometimes a little indulgence puts on a happy face.

So enjoy this holiday weekend, stay safe and take a moment to remember why we celebrate this holiday; for the brave men and women soldiers. And as always, enjoy!


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