Did Someone Say “Bacon”


Turkey Bacon BLT

Did someone say “Bacon” ?!?!?! Yum !! I love bacon, come on now, WHO doesn’t love bacon? There was a man on the hit show, “Shark Tank” who invented an alarm clock that woke you up to the smell of bacon; now that’s truly a passion for bacon!  But it’s not the best food you can eat. It’s loaded with fat and nitrates (preservatives). And for the people with cholesterol and heart conditions, well , you may want to keep your phone on speed dial for 911.

But, ON OCCASION, when I feel like having the infamous BLT (Bacon. lettuce and tomato) sandwich I opt for healthier options without skimping on the taste. How? For starters I select a turkey bacon without nitrates.The brand “Appegate naturals ” is what I used. Only 35 calories per slice and 1.5 gram of fat already makes a difference. I used organic spinach for added iron instead of plain lettuce; 1 organic egg, for extra protein, organic tomato, just under 1 teaspoon of organic mayonnaise, 1 slice of fontina cheese (great smooth melted taste)and placed this between  2 smaller slices of toasted rye bread. Trust me, you won’t miss out on any flavor.

But as with anything, moderation is the key. So when you are feeling a bit naughty, try this version and you won’t need to feel guilty at all. Enjoy!


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