“Orange” you Feeling Blue?


This winter is one of the most brutally cold winters I can remember in a long time. Here in New York City it is 3 degrees with a wind chill of -7!  Not exactly the type of weather that you want to go out and enjoy, even if it is New York City! Yes, the sun is shining and tempting you to go outdoors, but you know that if you do, you may get frostbite on your cute little nose. So as most people, you are staying indoors, in your comfy clothes, watching TV, checking out all of the redundant photos of snow on social media and cursing the weather, praying for Spring.

But, unfortunately, this weather will be here for some time. And with that said, many  of us are getting sick. They say it’s not the cold air but the germs that make us sick. Simply stepping outside in cold weather with wet hair or without a coat doesn’t cause a cold, hypothermia (the lowering of the body’s core temperature) suppresses immunity, which can lead to colds. Most cold symptoms are produced by the body’s immune system physically responding to the rhinovirus. Basically, someone with a stronger immune system in the cold will produce more mucus, while the person with the weaker immune system will sniffle longer

The National Institutes of Health suggests that the flu virus’s coating becomes tougher at temperatures around the freezing point, making it easier to transmit. So if you are wary of becoming sick in the winter, you may be correct that viruses are more active and resilient at this time.

Always make sure you cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Also, turn away from people that are coughing or sneezing. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but trust me, have you been on a subway lately? It’s a flu waiting to happen.

Another way that I truly believe helps pump up your immune system is extra vitamin C and Zinc. I am not a health care person, but I know what works for me and has also worked for many. It doesn’t require nasty tasting medicines or drunk-like side effects, just delicious taste and beautiful colors-Citrus Fruits!

You should eat an orange (based on your dietary restrictions) every day. It’s sweet, comes in many varieties, fun to eat and adds a burst of color to your plate! Adding lemons, limes, grapefruits or/and oranges into your water gives the boring water taste a lift-me-up! You can cut up some slices and place them in a pitcher of water and enjoy throughout the day! A great way to get your children to drink more water and move away from the sugary drinks.

You can also cook with citrus fruits, or just add them into your salads. Another great way to add that punch of flavor and add in your vitamin C!

So, I know we cannot change the frigid weather, but we can help keep ourselves a bit healthier and not feeling so blue. Just add some more fruits into your daily meals and keep your fingers crossed this winter will be over soon! Enjoy!


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  1. Tom Stroud says:

    This winter cannot be over fast enough for my liking.

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