Holiday Apple Tart

Apple Tart

There is no better aroma than the sweet smell of baked goods. It just brings back so many wonderful memories for me. Although my mom wasn’t a baker, she was a wonderful cook- my grandmother was an amazing baker. Whenever she baked, all the neighbors would be so happy since she loved to share her specialties with them. She was very creative and everything she baked was out of this world!

I’m not as much of a baker as she was. I have to follow other peoples recipes, whereby she would just whip up some fancy dessert and it looked like it came from a famous bakery display. I have taken on more of my mom’s and uncles’ cooking skills. I create and experiment with different ingredients that inspire me at the market. But when it comes to baking, I rely on a recipe.

It’s the holiday season  with many parties and dinners to attend with family and friends. Whenever I am invited, I always like to bring a treat. Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes, cakes or as I made today, an apple tart, everyone is always very pleased. Not too many people will pass up a good dessert. To keep it on a healthier side, I baked an apple tart. The apples are full of vitamin C and they are great for your skin. Just keep repeating this to yourself when eating this and you will not feel so guilty.

For this particular recipe that I have used before, I followed recipe that I found on the food channel network . It is so simple to make and the taste is amazing, a definite party pleaser! When I made this I recipe I only used water with the apricot preserves. There will be children at the party, so no alcohol for them.

So please, if you try this recipe, post on my blog your results and thoughts, as I am sure they will all be very positive. And as always, Enjoy!


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  1. Tom Stroud says:

    So much sweetness coming from my favorite gourmet kitchen.

    1. yvette says:

      You are so kind and sweet. I look forward to sharing with you my love!

  2. prior says:

    I like how you note the difference between baking and cooking – and this tart looks amazing – and thanks for the tip to bake it and just noting the healthy side to this 🙂

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