Cookies For Santa

Butter Cookies

If you believe in Santa, you better make sure you leave him some cookies and a glass of milk so he will bring you presents, even if you were a bit naughty. With that belief, I am stocking up my freezer with Christmas cookies of all kind.

By baking cookies ahead of time and making a few batches at a time, you can freeze them(but not the frosted ones),those you can bake and decorate them after you thaw them out. This way it’s not so overwhelming.  Even though I have baked over 90 chocolate chip cookies, 24 Biscotti, 6 lemon cakes, 20 pecan baklava squares and now over 100 tiny shaped and sugared butter cookies, Santa will DEFINITELY leave me a present!

For these tiny and sweet treats I decided to use a very popular recipe from  recipe section, I doubled the ingredients, divided the dough into 3 equal portions, used 1 portion and froze the rest for later use. That way, half of the work is completed and I can make more as needed. I only used Diamond Shimmer Sugar, from that I purchased at Home Goods to add some sparkle. I may frost the next batch I make, but tonight I just wanted to add the sparkle. Besides, Santa needs to fit down the chimney.


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  1. Tom Stroud says:

    Ho, ho, ho….cannot wait to begin nibbling these!!

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