The Capital Grille Restaurant Review

capital grill food photo

For this evenings article I would like to share with you my dining experience I had at in midtown, New York City.

As I was out for a loving evening stroll with my boyfriend, we decided to stop at “The Capital Grille” for our meal. We have passed by there many times and never went inside, so this evening we decided to give it a try. I have to say, I am happy we made that decision.

When you walk by you can see the long bar and the high-top tables, covered in white linen from the outside. The holiday lights and the candles on the table make it a very cozy place to dine. Much to our surprise that was not the main dining area, but just the bar dining area. Since we did not have reservations, we would have had to wait 30 minutes therefore we opted to dine by the bar.

The entire restaurant was very busy. Our waiter was pleasant, although,  I believe he probably had too many tables to serve. My boyfriends’ appetizer arrived with his main course, only after he mentioned it to a server that brought out our meals, and our water glasses were not filled only until we asked, the second time around. Even though he apologized, he still kept forgetting to fill the empty water glasses. Not to complain, but when I go to a restaurant I feel like I should not have to ask for the minor details. Anyway, I had ordered the Sushi-Grade Seared Tuna with Gingered Rice. Very nice and fresh! The tuna was prepared to my liking, medium/rare, more on the rare side. The sticky rice had a pleasant taste. When I asked the maître-de, he was very gracious in explaining some of the ingredients and even showed me the bottle of the white soy sauce they serve along side the tuna and incorporate into the rice. The three dipping sauces they served with the tuna were, white soy sauce, ginger vinaigrette and a wasabi sauce. I tried them all, but the wasabi was my favorite-I like spicy and food with a kick, especially with tuna.  The tuna was very fresh, so I would go back and order this again. Maybe experience a meal in the main dining room.

Either way, I would recommend this restaurant. It’s very cozy,warm, clean and the food is very nice.


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  1. Tom Stroud says:

    All things considered, it was a lovely meal.

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