Mussels in a Pot


Mussels in a Pot

If you have been following my food blog, then you know how much I love seafood. Hence, all the seafood recipes. They are so delicious, no need for many seasonings and so quick to prepare.

Most people think that seafood is very difficult to prepare, while actually, it’s one of the easiest foods to prepare. From start to finish, depending on the item, you can be sitting at the table in less than 10 minutes. Now, how easy is that?

Mussels are rather versatile in the various preparations you can create, but I like to keep it simple, but still elegant.

I purchased a bag of mussels for under $7.00, yes under $7.00 for seafood! I made them as I usually like them, steamed in white wine and  sauteed shallots but I also added some fresh chopped grape tomatoes and a few threads of saffron.

Yes, I know, saffron is very expensive, but I was able to purchase a small bottle for under $6.00!  How great is that? For this and most recipes that call for saffron, you only need a tiny amount, because any more would just be a waste. The saffron adds this beautiful orange color to the sauce and a delicate floral and salty flavor. Simply gorgeous. All you need is some good, crusty bread for dunking into the sauce, a glass (or two) of white wine, and you have a beautiful, elegant dinner in less than 30 minutes! Enjoy







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