How do you order your Wine in Italy?


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Italian wine is among the best in the world. Wines like Brunello our world-famous and in high demand. What if you are on vacation and don’t want to spend a hundred or more on a bottle of wine? There are less expensive bottles that can be great wines as well. I tend to not order a bottle in Italy. I order a carafe (1/2 Liter or full liter) pitcher of wine. This is local wine that has not been bottled. It is cheaper for that reason. Italy has many places where you can go and fill your own bottles or carafe with bulk wine. It is distributed from a machine that is an old (unused) gas pump. They reset the meter to zero and pump your wine. When you are finished you pay the price on the meter. Restaurants in Italy all almost always offer bulk wine at the table…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    great tip good to know especially when you go overseas you do not know.

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