Shrimp with Fresh Asparagus and Strawberry Tomatoes served over Arugula


Gorgeous Strawberry Tomatoes


One of the pleasures of cooking is finding the perfect ingredients. For me, going to the grocery and the farmers market is like a child going to a toy store, it’s exciting!

I always enjoy finding beautiful, fresh ingredients, especially the vegetables. Knowing that they taste delicious, all by themselves or paired with other food and seasoned, I know I will always be satisfied with the outcome.

Today, I came across these tomatoes that are called “strawberry tomatoes” and I can see why, they have the same shape as strawberries. They are also packed with so much flavor that you can eat them just like candy!

So, if you have been reading my blog and noticing my seafood trend, you can see how much I enjoy shrimp. Why not? They are full of protein, low in calories and high in taste. Plus, they cook so quickly, that by the time someone else sets the table, you have your meal ready. Once again, dinner in under 15 minutes. Who says you don’t have time? Enjoy!


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  1. i’ve never seen “strawberry tomatoes” – they are so beautiful!! and i’m the same way, i would spend a day at the farmer’s market over a day at the mall anytime!!!! it’s exciting to me, too! šŸ˜‰

    1. yvettemahon says:

      Hi, and thank you for reading my post.I went to a local specialty store in NYC called Citarella, that’s where I found the “Stramato” strawberry tomatoes.. They are very firm, due to their shape, but packed with flavor. They came from Canada. You may check this website and inquire if you can find them locally.

      1. very cool, thanks for sharing!! i will keep my eyes peeled for some here in the states!

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