Lime Basil Shrimp With Mint Melon Salad


If you are looking for some ideas for  fresh Spring meals, you need to try this delicious, quick  and colorful recipe. I simply love how easy this is to prepare and it looks so festive. It basically took less than 15 minutes, including the prep and it provides, protein and many valuable vitamins.

If you are like me when it comes to fruit, you will eat and try any that is available to purchase. Melons always remind me of summer and they are simply very refreshing to eat. I wanted to create a colorful mix of watermelon and cantaloupe  not just for their colors but also for what they provide. Did you know that watermelon, with it’s juicy flesh helps protect the prostate, combats cancer, helps lower cholesterol, controls blood pressure and  helps stop strokes? And that gorgeous and sweet cantaloupe helps to protect your eyesight, also controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer and helps support your immune system.

So next time you are pressed for time but do not want to skimp on nutrients, try this colorful, delicious and healthy recipe and as always, Enjoy!


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