Fruit Snack


The perfect snack, fruit. No artificial color, preservative, additive, no box, no can, no packaging, just maybe a “peel”. This is the way food was intended, all natural, all organic.

Who says you do not have time to eat a healthy snack? You can eat this on the run, walk or sit. It’s also better if you eat the apple or pear with the  peel because of the fiber it contains. it will keep you satisfied longer. It’s the perfect “sweet’ snack” that comes in under 120 calories and is actually good for you. As the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was said for a reason, it nourishes your body with vitamins and nutrients that actually help improve the health of your body.

So next time you want a snack on the go, reach for a piece of fruit, and take a bite to better health!


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