Grapefruit Sprinkled With Organic Coconut Palm Sugar


Grapefruit and organic coconut palm sugar, what a great naturally sweet treat anytime of the day!

Grapefruits are very low in calories, about 104 for a whole red fruit but it is packed with vitamin C, fiber and anti-oxidants. Plus, it helps to curb your appetite a bit. It’s taste can be anywhere from a bit sour to semi-sweet, so that is why I sprinkled some organic coconut palm sugar. A better alternative to cane sugar.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is derived from the flowers of the coconut tree. It is an organic, sustainable natural sweetener that has a low glycemic index that shows promising results for people who suffer from chronic illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Eating a low glycemic index diet helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, coronary heart disease and breast cancer.

Coconut sugar is minimally processed, unbleached and contains no preservatives. it is part of a vegan diet, naturally gluten-free and is a great alternative to brown sugar when baking.

So next time you want to reach for some sugar, try some organic coconut palm sugar, you ‘ll be happy you did, and so will your body. Enjoy!


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