Chelsea Market


I absolutely love living in New York City! Since I first arrived here from Europe I fell in love. The lights, the buildings, the culture, the people and the variety of things one can purchase.

To me, one of my favorite places I love going to in New York City  is  Chelsea Market on the West Side.  Finding beautiful food and ingredients to prepare wonderful meals is a real relaxing treat for me. Today was a good day to do just that. When I first entered, I was stopped by this beautiful artistic exhibit from #The Art of Alabama Food Art Exhibit. There are these beautiful large photographs of various meals prepared by great chefs from Alabama showcasing their creations.  It was very inspiring and beautiful to see.

As a chef, blogger and foodie I love getting new ideas and inspirations, and there were plenty of them. I was also greeted by a gentleman who was working at the exhibit who made it very pleasant. We had a very nice conversation.

So, as I was meandering through this beautiful “foodie” place I purchased some yummy treats that I will be preparing this week. So stay tuned for what they will be, and as always, Enjoy!


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