Chicken With Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


This is a very colorful meal to prepare that tastes as beautiful as it looks. It cooks up in no time and is very satisfying, so you can be sitting down at the dinner table enjoying this dish without creating a lot of fuss in the kitchen.

Chicken with Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


Ingredients: Serves 2

  • 6 ounces sliced ¼ inch thick boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • 2 cloves chopped garlic
  • 1/8 cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped (I purchase the type that is marinated in olive oil)
  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated about 4 tablespoons
  • Cooked penne rigate pasta for 2


Place a pot of water on for the pasta. Once it comes to a boil, add a pinch of salt and cook the pasta for about 6 minutes. Drain.

While the pasta is cooking, heat the olive oil in a skillet to hot over medium low heat and add the chicken.  Season with pepper and a small pinch of salt. Cook for about 4 minutes and turn over. Add the garlic and sun dried tomatoes. Cook for about 3 minutes. Add the spinach, lower heat and cover the pan. Cook for 1 minute. Add the drained pasta and mix all ingredients. Top with grated cheese and mix through again.


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