No-Bun Cheeseburger


Cheeseburgers are my comfort food! They are so fulfilling, satisfying and taste amazing! When I eat a burger I usually opt out for the bun and prepare either potato fries or sweet potato fries, that way I can really enjoy the flavors of the burger without all of those carbs.

I purchase a grass fed, leaner ground beef to cut down on the fat because I do enjoy melted cheese on the meat. It just adds this delicate flavor of saltiness and who doesn’t like cheese? But for those of you who cannot or do not like cheese, well then, no cheese for you.

I sauteed some red onion and mushrooms for my toppings and then added some arugula and fresh tomato. You need to add in your vegetables!

Well, I hope you can share your burger experience here with me and tell me your favorite way to eat a burger. Enjoy!


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