Cumin Crusted Salmon served with Petite Organic Peas

Cumin Crusted Salmon served with Petite Organic Peas

Looking for a quick, delicious, healthy  and colorful meal? Try this mild tasting but full of goodness  salmon seared in cumin for you meal.  It takes less than 20 minutes from prep to eating this meal!
Salmon is a wonderful fish that is so full of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which provides your cardiovascular health  with a huge boost. It also  prevents the formation of blog clots in your arteries and improves your blood flow which helps reduce your risk of a heart attack.  ( Great meal for Valentine’s Day)
Cumin, which has been used for medicinal purposes and consumed for thousands of years is a wonderful spice to use to aid with digestive ailments. It benefits digestive disorders such as indigestion, flatulence, nausea, and morning sickness.
The flavor of the cumin with the salmon provides a very mild taste that is easily eaten. I served this with one of my favorite vegetables, peas since they add an extra sweetness to the meal.
Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like the recipe. Enjoy!

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